Accelerated Reader

A.R. Tests: love them or hate them, you still have to take them.

It can be hard to find a book that is at your reading level and is something you want to read. We are here to help!

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder' s website is a searchable database that can tell you the reading level, points, and quiz number of a book. It's always a good idea to double check that your book does have a corresponding A.R. test.

Straight Path Apps has an app for that. Simply scan a book's bar code and it will tell you the reading level, points and quiz number of the book.

A.R. books that are in the Paola Free Library's collection can be found as follows. The lists are divided by reading level. Books are listed in the following order: reading level, points, author, and title. Each book has an attached link to the book in our online catalog.