Digital Resources

With your NEXT card: Hoopla, Flipster, Kansas City Star online edition and AtoZ Database.

Flipster - Magazines 24/7Flipster

Patrons may access Flipster once they are signed on to their NEXT patron account. If you do not know your username or password, the default username is the 13-digit number on the back of your NEXT card and the default password is the last four digits of the phone number you provided when you received your card. If these do not work, please contact Emily or Cari and we can look up your username and password. Once you have logged in once, you can change your password if you like, but staff must set your username.

Email Emily and/or email Cari if you need us to look up your username and password.

Next Sign InThe sign in link appears in the upper right corner of your web browser. On a smart phone, the link may appear as an image of a person's head and shoulders instead of text.

Once you are logged in, the Flipster link appears by your name.

Go to Flipster Button

The links to the Kansas City Star Image edition and AtoZ Database (business resource, people finder and job finder) are located on the library's homepage. Your password should be the 13 digit number on the back of your NEXT card. Email Emily or email Cari if you have problems gaining access.


For more information about the resources every Kansan has access to with their State Library of Kansas eCard, visit the State of Kansas Library website.

NEXT is working on an online form to register for an eCard, but in the meantime, email Emily and/or email Cari and we can issue one for you.