Residential Inspections

Below is a list of typical inspections that are performed on a residence. When a building permit is issued, a list of required inspections is provided. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to request and schedule an inspection when work is ready for inspection and to provide access to the building inspection department so that inspections may be performed. All work requiring inspections shall remain accessible and not be concealed until approved by the building inspection department.

The Building Inspector reserves the right to require additional inspections as deemed necessary, as well as the right to ask the permit holder to remove covered walls, etc. if inspections are not performed as required.

Please Note: All inspection requests must be received by 4:00 pm the day before the inspection is requested. The only exception is for concrete, which is two hours.
  • Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk and Curbs
    Inspections are required prior to the placement of concrete for all driveways, patios, sidewalks, and curbs.
  • Drywall
    Garage firewall and bathroom greenboard.
  • Electrical Service
    Grounding shall be completed to water service piping and ground rod.
  • Footings
  • Foundation Walls
  • Foundation Drains
  • Inside Gas Piping and Testing
    Air pressure test shall be set up prior to inspection. Minimum 10 psi air or 6” column mercury on manometer gauge required.
  • Outside Gas Piping
    Metallic piping required minimum of 12” burial depth, plastic piping requires 18” burial depth.
  • Outside Underground Electrical
    Underground electrical requires minimum 24” burial depth. Any conducts shall be listed for wet locations.
  • Outside Water Piping
    Minimum 36” burial depth. Metal piping required for 15’ outside of foundation wall.
  • Private Sewage Construction
    Growth Area residents will need to call Miami County Environmental Services at (913)294-4117.
  • Private Sewage Final Grade
    Growth Area Residents will need to call Miami County Environmental Services at (913) 294-4117.
  • Rough In
    The rough-in inspection includes framing, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. Separate inspections of each trade will not be performed due to time constraints placed upon inspection department staff.
  • Structural Slabs
    Includes a garage floor.
  • Underslab / Under Floor
    Includes any plumbing, electrical, mechanical or other systems installed under a floor slab or beneath a building
  • Zoning
    Check with City of Paola Planning and Zoning Administrator

Commercial Inspections

Depending upon the type of structure, this is a list of some of the more common commercial inspections that may be required. The Building Inspector may request additional special inspections.
  • Building

    Above-Ceiling Rough-in
    Ceiling Grid
    Deck Framing
    Deck Pier / Footing
    Building Final
    Fire-Resistive Ceiling Assembly
    Fire-Resistive Wall Assembly
    Foundation Wall
    Grade Beam
    Grading Final
    Grading, Excavation or Filling
    Masonry Fireplace Throat
    Metal Stud Framing
    Other Building Inspection
    Drilled Pier
    Preliminary Framing
    Roof Sheathing or Covering
    Structural Rough-in
    Shear Wall
    Storm Sewer
    Building Performance
  • Electrical

    Electrical Above-Ceiling Test
    Electrical Final
    Other Electrical Inspection
    Pool Bonding
    Electrical Rough-in
    Electrical Service
    Electrical Under-Slab
    Electrical Performance Test
  • Fire

    Air Pressure Test
    Door Fan Pressurization Test
    Fire Protection Final
    Fire Pump Test
    Flow Test
    Hood Fire Suppression Test
    Hydrostatic Test
    Other Fire Protection
  • General

    Erosion Control
    Building Premove
  • Mechanical

    Mechanical Above-Ceiling
    Mechanical Final
    Kitchen Hood
    Other Mechanical Inspection
    Mechanical Rough-in
    Mechanical Performance
  • Plumbing

    Plumbing Above-Ceiling Rough-in
    Backflow Preventor
    Plumbing Final
    Gas Rough-in
    Gas Test
    Plumbing Ground Rough
    Medical Gas System
    Other Plumbing Inspection
    Sanitary Sewer
    Septic Sewer
    Storm Sewer
    Plumbing Top Rough
  • Suppression / Sprinkler

    Slab (2 Hour)
  • Two-Hour Response

    Concrete Column (2 Hour)
    Deck Pier/Footing (2 Hour)
    Foundation Wall (2 Hour)
    Footing (2 Hour)
    Grade Beam (2Hour)
    Masonry Fireplace Throat (2 Hour)
    Drilled Pier (2 Hour)