City Manager


The City of Paola operates under the Mayor / Council / Manager form of government. City Manager, Sid Fleming is responsible for managing the city’s affairs and day-to-day operations, as well as implementing policies as established by the Mayor and City Council.


Some include to enforce all City ordinances, resolutions and contracts, offer professional advice on all aspects of the City’s operations, prepare and submit the annual City Budget and Capital Improvement Program, responsible for the hiring and removal of all employees of the City and continuously monitor the City’s financial position and needs.

Documents of Interest

The five most recent City Budgets:
2022 Budget
2021 Budget
2020 Budget
2019 Budget
2018 Budget 

The five most recent Independent Audit Reports:
2020 Independent Audit Report
2019 Independent Audit Report
2018 Independent Audit Report
2017 Independent Audit Report
2016 Independent Audit Report

City Organizational Chart